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Published 08-16-2015

Introducing Gloss


Gloss is a shiny, new JSON parsing library written in Swift!

Gloss enables simple transformation from JSON to objects - and from objects back to JSON. It supports nested models with no extra work, as well as custom transformations.

Let’s take a quick look using the following JSON representing a Github repository.

Repo JSON:

Repo Model:

Creating a Repo object:

Translating a Repo object back to JSON:


There’s a whole lot more info in the Gloss docs - including a closer look at these models, how to create custom transformations, and more.

Why Though?

Gloss joins several Swift JSON parsing libraries - why create a new one?

After reviewing several other libraries, there were aspects of each that I liked and those I did not. I tried to address the following concerns with Gloss:

Additionally, I’d say there’s not a clear call on which JSON library is the go-to - so there’s still room to introduce new takes on the issue at hand.

I also just love the act of contributing to collective knowledge and utility by open sourcing libraries like this, especially one with such potential for impact.

Try It!

Gloss is available via Cocoapods - just add the following to your Podfile:

As you’re vetting libraries to use for JSON parsing in your next Swift project or if you’re looking to switch libraries - give Gloss a try!

If you have concerns or improvements, I encourage you to contribute to the project - the quickest way being submitting an Issue or a Pull Request.

Happy coding!

This blog is licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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